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Goldie Wilson may be the current mayor, but it was definitely no easy task in getting there. It took many years of determination to achieve his dream. From a young age he had to witness his mother work very hard to provide for the family, only to not have anything to show for it in the end.
It was because of this, Goldie was forced to do something with his life and attend night school — eventually leading him to become the most powerful man in Hill Valley, the Mayor.

He started as a young busboy working at Lou's Cafe, learning the value of an honest days work. His boss, Lou Caruthers was no easy guy to work for either, as you all may know. The 1950's were also different times... but nonetheless Goldie always kept smiling through all he did. It was a total slop house of an establishment, but there were some perks. He got to hang out with the kids of the neighborhood while being a soda jerk, getting to know many of them quite intimately. One of such, being a local, down on his luck, dork named George McFly. He would always frequent the cafe and usually suffer abuse at the hands of Biff Tannen and his cronies (Match, 3-D, and Skinhead), the neighborhood bullies.

Well, on one fateful day after witnessing one of these occasions, a young Goldie confronted George to offer him a great piece of advice. He expressed to him that it is of major importance to have respect for oneself and not let people bully you because if you let people walk all over you now, they'll be walking over you for the rest of your life ! 

Little did Goldie know, that moment would change his life forever. Another Irish Bug, who just happened to be listening in on the conversation between George and he, told him that he will be Mayor... and boy did Goldie like the sound of that. Goldie seemed inspired and took it as a compliment. Mr. Caruthers scoffed at the idea that an African-American would ever be elected to public office, saying "A colored mayor! That'll be the day !", which only made Goldie more determined.
Goldie eventually quit his job at the Cafe and followed through with the vision of going into politics. 

In 1962,
 Goldie was elected as Hill Valley's district representative and the rest as they say is history.
Goldie Wilson was elected mayor of Hill Valley, California in 1977 and has remained in office ever since.
His re-election campaign ads promise more jobs, better education, bigger civic improvements, and lower taxes for everyone.


One of Goldie's more controversial policies was sponsoring an initiative to replace the clock tower atop the Hill Valley Courthouse, which had not run since being struck by lighting on November 12 1955. This initiative was strongly opposed by the Hill Valley Preservation Society, who believed the clock should be kept as is. The society's efforts would be successful in preserving the clock up until two years ago unfortunately.

With the harsh times we are currently living in, Goldie has been contemplating running for an even higher government position as of late. He is currently in talks of possibly gathering a campaign committee together so he can make a run for the Presidency Of The United States during the upcoming 2024 Election. He looks to bring back some good old fashioned Honesty, Decency and Integrity to Washington. We hope he has your vote.





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